1. All private vehicles are to remain on the main road when entering and exiting the reserve.
  2. All game drives on the reserve are to be conducted by a registered field guide in an OSV. This means that no private drives in a personal vehicle are allowed on the Mjejane Reserve.
  3. Check-in is from 14h00 until 19h00 and check-out time is by 10h00 latest. Thereafter a R1000 fine is implemented per hour.
  4. No “White Lights” to be used from the lodge, “Red filters must be used”
  5. No more than 10 people (including babies and children) are allowed to stay in the house.
  6. You are requested to keep volumes low at all times. There is a zero-noise tolerance at night, and you will be fined.
  7. Animals can potentially get through the electric fence at any time. Please be vigilant at all times as we have had active predators on the patio at night on many occasions.
  8. The reserve can is home to dangerous animals and guests should please contact management should they meet any such visitors.
  9. No jogging is allowed at any time, and no walking around at night is allowed whatsoever for your own safety.
  10. Animal and bird feeding is strictly prohibited. This is a profoundly serious offence and also becomes a problem with monkeys, warthogs and baboons who can be a danger to humans. If you feed the animals, it will lead to them becoming pests and could potentially cause their extermination in future.
  11. Speaking of unwanted visitors, monkeys have become fairly bothersome. Please take the necessary measures and keep a careful watch. When you do spot them, be sure to close up windows and doors until they pass, or they will find their way into the kitchen and ransack cupboards for food.
  12. Do not geotag any images of rhino, even after your stay. This is for the species’ protection and poaching endangerment.
  13. If the reserve rules are not adhered to, guests will be held liable for the resulting fines.